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LaxyJoy Bath Bombs | 全手工制泡澡球

LaxyJoy Bath Bombs | 全手工制泡澡球

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「LaxyJoy」established in 2019. The following quotes are brought to you by them.
"Daily busy life. Don't forget to reward yourself with a moment of relaxation.
LaxyJoy foot bomb and bath bomb bring you healthy and happy moments."

Everything is handmade with full heart and soul. Every piece is unique and specially made for you and your love ones .It can be a very precious gift for your own use. Every bath bombs are vibrant in colours that help to detox, soothe muscle and body soreness & aches as well as relieve stress & anxiety. This will improve overall mood and have many more benefits. All materials are under food grade & cosmetic grade, safe to be used. Moreover, these bath bombs are purely handmade with organic ingredients and have fresh scents. Each bath bomb is best used within 1 year. Try to avoid direct sunlight or high-temperature space.

一切都是全心全意手工制作的。 每件作品都是独一无二的,专为您和您的爱人制作。它可以是一份非常珍贵的礼物或您自己使用。 每个泡澡球的颜色都充满活力,有助于排毒、舒缓肌肉和身体酸痛以及缓解压力和焦虑。 这将改善整体情绪和更多好处。所有材料都是食品级和化妆品级,安全使用,而且还采用有机原料纯手工制作,香气清新。每个泡澡球最好在半年到一年内使用,避免太阳直射或者高温的空间。

The flavour includes 味道选择有:-
Adults (A)
Size: 7cm (185g)
✅Earl grey & cucumber
✅Peony & Blush
✅Black tea

Kids (K)
Size: 6cm (140g)

**Shipping fee will be different based on location and will be charged separately.

The pieces of bath bombs are limited, first come first served.
首饰件有限,先到先得哦! 😉

Bank in Details 汇款资料:

**| Note 注意事项 |**
All payments made are non-refundable, exchangeable, or transferable to other things. 所有的汇款将不会退还、交换或转换去其他东西。

These bath bombs are brought to you by Midori Studio x LaxyJoy
澡球由Midori Studio与LaxyJoy呈现给您


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