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Established in 2017, Midori Studio has been a pioneer in the art and craft workshops industry, offering a comprehensive one-stop-station service for art, craft, and wellness needs. With a focus on fostering bonds through customized workshops, we have been catering to diverse client requests for 7 successful years.

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In addition to our extensive range of in-house workshops, Midori Studio now proudly introduces the opportunity to rent out our versatile studio spaces. These spaces serve as an ideal setting for various activities, providing a conducive environment for your creativity to flourish.

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Our studio spaces are perfect not only for individual workshops but also for events, gatherings, and personal projects. Whether you are an artist seeking a serene space to work on your craft or someone looking to host a small-scale event, Midori Studio offers flexible and accommodating rental options to suit your needs.

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At Midori Studio, we understand the significance of a positive and inspiring atmosphere. Our spaces are designed to encourage collaboration, creativity, and relaxation, making them an excellent choice for your artistic endeavors or small-scale events.

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Choose Midori Studio for an enriching experience where you can explore your creativity, host events, or simply find a peaceful space to work. Our commitment to providing a welcoming environment remains at the core of our service, ensuring that your time with us is both enjoyable and memorable.

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You may just drop us a message via WhatsApp @ +6016-617 3911. or send us your enquiry through the contact form below.

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