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Kokedama Home Kit | 日本苔蘚球材料包

Kokedama Home Kit | 日本苔蘚球材料包

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Are you like me, almost a "plant killer"? This Japanese Moss Ball is easy to make and easy to take care of too! It can also cultivate love for children for taking care of their own plants~ ❤️ You will only need a 15 minutes, follow the tutorial video we provide, even children can make all by themselves! We are providing indoor plants for the kit. You will only soak it in a half-bowl of water for around 3-4 days to keep it hydrated. Easy-peasie~
你和我一樣,幾乎是“植物殺手”嗎?這日本苔蘚球即容易製作,也很容易照顧,還可以給孩子培養愛心~❤️ 只需要15分鐘,跟著我們提供的視頻,小朋友也能自己來哦!我們提供的都是室內植物,只需要3-4天浸泡大概半碗的水就可以了。超容易的~


The Kokedama Home Kit included 日本苔蘚球材料包包括:


✅ Tutorial videos 视频教学
✅ One small indoor plant with pot 一個室內小盆栽
✅ One big bag of Moss 一大包苔蘚
✅ A bundle of twine 一綑麻繩

You have 3 options for the plant 你可從以下這3種植物做選擇:

01-Bird nest fern 鸟窝厥.png02-Bird nest fern 鸟窝厥.png03-Syngonium podophyllum 合果芋.png

Bird Nest Fern 鸟窝厥 01 | Bird Nest Fern 鸟窝厥 02 | Syngonium Podophyllum 合果芋
*Once you purchased, we will be inviting you into a Private Group in Facebook. You may share your beautiful work there or drop your questions anytime. When we sent out the parcel, we will be sending you the tutorial link too. So, enjoy making~ ;)
* 一旦您購買了這個材料包,我們將邀請您加入我們臉書的私人群組。您可在那個群組裡分享你的作品/提問。在發貨的同時,也將給您發教程視頻的連結。 祝您製作愉快!

This Home Kit is brought to you by Midori Studio x Tegata Studio
这材料包由Midori Studio与Tegata Studio呈现给您


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