Space Renting for Private Event

Space Renting for Private Event

Midori Studio was founded by Mika in early February of 2017. It is located at the first floor of a 80z shop lot. From the stairs up to the first floor, it is a spacious hall with a long table by the windows. Which can fit up to 20 pax, depends on the table arrangement.

2017年的二月初,Mika创办了Midori Studio(米多粒工作室)。米多粒工作室位于一间80年代的店屋2楼。循着楼梯上去,即使宽敞的大厅,靠窗处摆设了一张长桌。这空间可容纳最多20人,就看桌椅的摆设方式。


While between the main hall and the mid hall, there are a pair of bamboo curtain to separate the two spaces. On the other side of the bamboo curtain, you will see a little garden with bouquet of dry flowers hanging by the side of the walls. The sun will shines in in the morning and evening, which make it the best moment of all. This space can fit approximately 10 pax. Other than that, there's another cozy room by the side of the main hall. We named it the "private room".

而中庭和大厅间则以两面竹帘相隔。掀开竹帘,映入眼帘的是一座小花园... 墙的两边挂着一束束的干花,阳光在早上或傍晚时分撒下的时候最为动人了。这中庭则可容纳10人左右。除此之外,大厅旁还有一间小房间,又是另一个温馨、充满文艺气息的空间。我们称之为,“私人小房”。


This room is cozy and intimate for small boutique parties & gathering/ workshop with a maximum of 6 pax. 



Amenities 便利設施:

  • Fully air-conditioned 全空调
  • Free street parking 免费停泊车子在路边
  • Kitchen with refrigerator and chest freezer 厨房附有冰箱和箱式冷冻柜
  • 2 washroom 2间洗手

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