Midori Studio's Trending Workshops in 2023

Midori Studio's Trending Workshops in 2023

Welcome to Midori Studio, a haven for creative souls seeking diverse artistic experiences in 2023. From the timeless allure of traditional techniques to the contemporary fusion of art forms, our workshops offer a canvas for everyone to explore and express their unique creativity.

Ebru Marbling Art:
Step into the enchanting world of Ebru, where colors dance on water to create captivating patterns. Join our Ebru Marbling Art workshop and let the fluidity of colors inspire your imagination.

Upcycled Terrarium Wonderland:
Connect with nature sustainably in our Upcycled Terrarium Workshop. Repurposed containers transform into vibrant ecosystems. Visit our website for details on crafting your own miniature green landscapes.

Acrylic Painting:
Express yourself boldly with our Acrylic Painting workshop. Dive into the dynamic interplay of color and texture. For more about our sessions, visit our website and discover the world of acrylic expression.

Embroidery Jamming Retreat:
Find solace in the therapeutic world of needle and thread in our Embroidery Jamming Retreats. Discover details and join us for a creative sanctuary on our website.

Ceramic Wheel:
Discover the tactile joy of shaping clay on the potter's wheel in our Ceramic Wheel Workshop. Visit our website to learn more about the hands-on experience of creating functional and artistic ceramic pieces.

Batik Painting Reverie:
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Batik Painting. Discover the rich heritage of batik on our website and explore the intricate patterns created with hot wax and dyes.

Kokedama Plant Crafting:
Bring a touch of nature into your space with our Kokedama Plant Crafting workshop. Learn the art of creating hanging moss ball gardens. Explore more about this green experience on our website.


Midori Studio's workshops invite you to explore the wonders of art that inspires joy. Join Midori Studio in embracing creativity. Visit the website midoristudio.my to find detailed information about each workshop and embark on a journey of artistic discovery. Let your creativity unfold with Midori Studio.

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