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Midori Studio x Enya Says

{17 DEC} Calligraphy Christmas Tree Workshop | 中文手写圣诞书工作坊

{17 DEC} Calligraphy Christmas Tree Workshop | 中文手写圣诞书工作坊

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Introducing our exclusive Chinese Calligraphy Christmas Tree —a unique and culturally inspired masterpiece that you won't find anywhere else but at Midori Studio. This creative fusion of traditional Chinese calligraphy and the festive spirit of Christmas brings a touch of cultural elegance to the holiday season.

Each stroke of the brush tells a story, gracefully form the shape of a Christmas tree . The rich history and artistry of Chinese calligraphy come to life, intertwining with the joyous celebration of Christmas 🤶. This artistic creation is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and festivity, making it a one-of-a-kind ornament for your holiday décor.
每一笔划都讲述着一个故事,优雅地形成了圣诞树 的形状。现代书法丰富的历史和艺术与圣诞的欢乐庆典 🤶交织在一起形成和谐融合,使其成为您节日装饰的独特之作。

{Basic Modern Chinese Calligraphy Workshop • 现代中文手写工作坊-初級工作坊}✅ Date 日期:17 December 2023 (SUN 日)
✅ Time 时间:2:00PM ~ 5:00PM (3 hours/小时)
✅ Fees 學費:RM250/pax

Class Detail 课程内容:
During this 3 hours’ workshop, we will go through the introduction of Chinese Modern Calligraphy, as well as the comparison of different material used. We will only focus on the fundamental of basic wording structure for this workshop. 在这个3小时的工作坊中,我们将介绍现代的中文手写字,并比较不同工具与材料。我们将着重在基本单字的结构与设计。

⚠️ Target Audience 适合对像 :
* No prior experience needed, but preferably Chinese writer to join the workshop (at least up to primary school) 无需任何的经验,但你得至少有小学级的中文基础

👆The material kit 材料包 :
All materials are provided, and we are committed to environmental sustainability by using recycled materials for our 'Go Green' initiative. 提供所有材料,并且我们致力于环境可持续性,采用回收材料进行我们的'绿色倡议'。

Venue 地点:
Midori Studio (5 minutes from Desa Park City)
20A, Jalan Lang Kuning, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
📞 016-2603911 (Careline)

Bank in Details 汇款资料:

**| Note 注意事项 |**

  • All payments made are non-refundable, exchangeable or transferable to other workshops unless the class is cancelled by Midori Studio before notification. 所有的汇款将不会退还、交换或转换去其他工作坊,除非课程取消。
  • No workshop reschedule is allowed for any absence and replacement without prior notice (notify the team at least 7 working days in advance, and provide a valid reason to the team), else fee paid will be forfeited if no show-up. 不得临时缺席工作坊或改期(至少提前7个工作日通知我方,并请向我方提供正当理由)否则费用将被全额没收。
  • Replacement of class to another date will only be allowed for ONE time if any emergency (including accident or illness with proof to the team). You can ask your friend to replace the slot on the same date. If no one can replace, please arrange to attend the same workshop within 3 months of the grace period, the date for replacement will be provided by Midori Studio, if no information for attendance, the fee will be forfeited. 只有在任何紧急情况下(包括事故、有证据的疾病)才允许更换工作坊时间。可以让朋友顶替当天的位子。若无人能替上,请安排在3个月内出席同样的工作坊,我方将提供工作坊的指定日期。若没办法实现,学费将被全额没收。
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